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Residential Roofing License Exam Preparation.
Focuses on helping students achieve licensure to work on residential roofing projects. Three days of study.

Unlimited Roofing License Exam Preparation.
Focuses on helping students achieve licensure to work on residential, commercial, and industrial roofing projects. Four days of study.

Using our proprietary learning materials based on the State of Illinois’ roofing licensure exams and a highly participatory and engaging — OK, some people even call it fun — question-and-answer class format, our instructor helps propel students to success.

Need proof? Of the more than 700 students who have attended our instructor’s roofing classes since 2012, 97 % have scored with a passing grade on a state roofing licensure exam on their first try.

We know from experience that the best learning outcomes are derived from real classroom experiences with live, in-person instruction from a subject-matter expert who has the ability to engage, explain — and even entertain a little. The Roofing School of Illinois instructors and affiliated roofing professionals continually work to revise our learning materials to ensure they’re updated, thorough and highly relevant. We also consult publications of the National Association of Roofing Contractors and industry leaders — and we frequently survey recent exam-takers, who provide insight into the instruction they found most useful for answering questions on state exams.

Depending on the course they’re taking, students should prepare to attend class for 3-4 days, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, and to study 1-2 hours after each day of class. On the final day of each course, students take a practice exam that is graded on the spot. The instructor also provides each student with a report explaining where he or she might need to spend more time studying.

Registration Deadline is October 12th For November 14th Exam. Call & Register Today!

Students do not need any materials or prerequisite courses to enroll in one of our classes. They just need to show up with a positive, can-do attitudes, and we’ll provide the rest.

The Roofing School of Illinois offers two courses — and we invite you to register for one now.

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