Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about roofing in the State of Illinois? The Roofing School of Illinois has answers. Here are the questions we’re asked most frequently. Need more information? We invite you to contact us.

Do I really need a class to pass my test?

Yes! If you’re interested in a new career in roofing then you probably haven’t taken an exam in a long time. Roofers by nature aren’t interested in going through 1000’s of pages of text. We are best using our hands and on the job. A 100 page exam can be daunting for anyone, especially a roofer. We have taken 1000’s of pages of text and condensed it into the most important information you need to pass the test.

Why Choose The Roofing School of Illinois?

We have the top roofing instructor in Illinois. Del Beard has helped 700 students pass their roofing exam on the first try.

Is the class worth the money?

A lot of roofers ask themselves these questions. Why spend the money when you could use that time to learn on the fly? This roofing class can save you both time and money in preparation for your new and exciting roofing career. Some of what you learn in this class would take you years to figure out in the field. We’ve had countless students come back fully licensed and say how they would have paid more for the class knowing what they know now.

Are you sure I will pass this test?

Our students have a 97% pass rate on their first try and a 100% pass rate on the second try. We can guarantee that you will pass this test.

How long is the class?

The class for residential roofing is 3 days long while the unlimited roofing exam is 4 days. Why wait when we can guarantee that you will pass and be on the fast track to starting your new, exciting and lucrative career?

Where do I register for the state exam to become a licensed roofing contractor in Illinois?

Continental Testing Services, Inc., a company that designs, develops and administers many kinds of professional licensure examinations in several states and cities, including Illinois and Chicago. We recommend that you contact Kathy McShane directly at (708) 354-9911, ext. 107. For more information about Continental Testing Services, please visit the website, Continental Testing Services.

Where are the exams administered?

Two Locations to serve you best: Springfield: 625 E. St. Joseph St., Springfield, IL 62703 Hillside (Chicago): 4400 Frontage Road, Hillside, IL 60162

How frequently are state exams administered, and what is the deadline to register?

Exams for roofing licensure are given only six times each year. Test-takers must register at least four weeks before the exam date. Registration Deadline is August 24th For the September 19th Exam. Call & Register Today!

How much does it cost to take the roofing licensure exams in Illinois?

The exam fee for residential roofing licensure is $226. The exam fee for commercial/industrial roofing licensure is $277.

If I already have a Residential Roofing Contractor license, can I convert it to an Unlimited Roofing Contractor license?

Yes — but only if you have held your license for at least one year. If that is the case, you must sit for, and pass, the “Commercial and Industrial Roofing” exam. Our Unlimited Roofing License Exam Preparation course covers all topics on this exam.

How are your classes structured?

We invite you to learn more about the two courses we offer here. Depending on the course, students should plan on three or four days of intense, full-day instruction (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and 1-2 hours of study time after each day of class. At the end of each course, we administer a practice exam. An administrator will evaluate the exam on the spot and provides recommendations about where further study is needed.

What materials do I need before showing up for your course?

None. Just bring yourself and a positive attitude. We will provide the rest.

What is your students’ exam-passing rate?

Of the more than 700 students who have attended our instructor’s roofing classes since 2012, 97% have scored with a passing grade on a state roofing licensure exam on their first try. No other roofing-licensure instructor in Illinois comes close to being able to claim either of these two data points.

What are the requirements to obtain an Illinois Roofing Contractor license, in addition to passing the state exam?

A surety bond and commercial general liability insurance coverage are required. The Illinois Roofing School often recommends to students licensed insurance professionals upon request.

Do I really need a roofing license in the State of Illinois?

Yes. The Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act and the Illinois Home Repair and Remodeling Act, require any person or company presenting as a roofing contractor in the state and/or working for others in a manner involving construction, reconstruction, alteration, maintenance, repair or waterproofing of roofs in Illinois to be a licensed roofing contractor. Failure to be licensed properly can result in a fine of up to $5,000, per offense. In addition, the law requires that a roofing contractor’s name and license number be affixed to all contracts, bids, building permits, commercial vehicles and advertisements. Failure to display this information can result in a fine of $1,000, per day (note that the fine is $250, per day for failing to display this required information on commercial vehicles. The fine typically is dismissed if the violation is corrected before a scheduled hearing).