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Meet our Instructor
Del Beard, CPCU

Mr. Beard is the only instructor in the United States who has helped more than 700 people pass their Illinois Roofing license exam — 97 % of them on the first try! Originally from Park Forest, Ill., he is a passionate, dynamic instructor with nearly two decades of experience in designing and presenting courses focused on aspects of the construction-contracting and insurance industries. For more than three decades, he has worked in property-casualty insurance — professional know-how that helps him underscore why licensure is so important to Illinois roofers. Mr. Beard has skillfully navigated thousands of pages of instruction provided by an array of roofing industry sources to teach his students what, exactly, they need to know to receive their Illinois roofing license.
He takes special pride in his effectiveness at working with students who speak English as a second language because his own family is filled with non-native English speakers.
He welcomes you to contact him.