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What Students are Saying About Roofing School of Illinois

Great school and the teacher explains everything in a way that everyone can understand!

Jeff C

A professional and fun group to work with…well worth the investment!

Scott C.

My husband took the test twice and failed. He went to the Roofing School of Illinois and passed with a 94% the first time. Woo-hoo thanks a lot best money ever spent. Well worth the cost for sure.

Lanette A.

Completely worth the investment!

Ryan Z.

The school is great from not knowing anything about roofing and being able to pass the exam feels awesome. Del is a great instructor made me understand what had to be learned and if I was in any doubt I made sure to ask him and he is very open to help in one by one. Very recommendable even if u have experience the test is not based on ur experience it’s based on test taking skills.

Elizabeth H.

I have not even taken the test yet and I have no reservations about giving Del and the Roofing School of Illinois a positive review. Our class had people with little experience and people with 30 years of experience and I believe we all benefited from the course and learned what we needed to know to get the passing grade.

Kevin B.

Del was awesome and Dalia was great to work with. Excellent course! Thanks again!

Clint S.

English is my second language and I still pass with great score, was a lot of fun to be in the class

Fercho G.

Dell knowledge is uncanny! You will walk into the exam with extreme confidence! You will be 100% prepared.

William S.

This is a must take preparation course for the Illinois Roofing Exam. I was very nervous and have heard several horror stories from other contractors that have failed the exam multiple times. Upon completion of this course I have all the confidence in the world that I will pass with flying colors. I would like to give a big thanks to Del, Dalia, and the Illinois Roofing School for making this so easy!

Jason Q.

This has been an amazing experience. I went into the class not knowing much, but with the help of Del and the other classmates, I feel pretty good about the knowledge I learned. Dalia is such a sweetie, she helped me above and beyond with anything I needed.
Thanks everyone.

Jennifer P.

Skeptical? Don’t be! This course is made for beginners or roofers with 20 years experience. Del has a true talent for teaching. I can’t say enough good things about my personal experience. Dalia is very helpful and I’m glad she coached me into getting this done! Truly a life changer. Great investment can’t wait for public adjusting course next! See you in public adjusting!

Michael O.

Absolutely great course! The teacher was phenomenal. His ability to keep something as boring as Illinois roofing exam prep moving and exciting enough to keep you awake and interested through till the end.
Take the unlimited test and class!

Michael J.

Del runs a great class. He stays on topic, he’s funny and he keeps the material interesting… and let’s face it, that’s a tough task with the subject of roofing!
Dalia is very helpful. She is there to answer any and all questions one may have regarding the class, application for licensing, etc.
I would highly recommend this class to anyone who needs to pass the IL roofing exam. I have yet to take the test as I write this review, but with Del and Dalia’s help, and with the knowledge learned this week, I have no doubt that I will.

Don K.

I went into this class without any roofing knowledge what so ever! Del made the class so interesting and fun! The language of this class is difficult! And I imagine it’s more difficult if English isn’t your 1st language! That’s why I highly recommend taking this class because he can help you and you will pass! I’ve learned imensively and walked out of class knowing that I was going to pass! Contact Dalia if you want to enroll. She’s very professional and knows her stuff! And she will help you with any questions and get you ready! Even on her own time! Bravo to both you!

Jennifer L.

I recently took the class for my commercial industrial license. I’ve had Del as the instructor before on a different course, and again was extremely satisfied with the class. Passed my exam on my first attempt. Keep up the great work!

Jorge S.

The rumors are true, the Illinois state exam for roofing is as backwards and tricky as they come and the language is over complex to say the least. I can say whole heartily I stood little to no chance of success on my own even with all the advice and books in the world. Now thanks to Roofing School of Illinois I can say proudly that I am my own man. Thank you Roofing School of Illinois thank you a million times.

Angel F.

A piece of cake, sure the horror stories, but Dell made it easy to understand and it just took away all anxiety.
Now the future is bright and the sky is the limit!

Michael O.

This class is so worth the $. I took the test last year after buying the books and studying. I took the entire 2 1/2 hrs, sweating, hoping I passed it. I didn’t. I took my test again today after going thru the class with Del. I walked into the test feeling good, I walked out 50 minutes later feeling great! I know I passed, if I didn’t get a 95% or higher Ill be disappointed in myself! We preach cost vs value in our business, the value of this class far exceeds the cost. TAKE THIS CLASS!

Chuck N.

Never in a million years did I think I could pass the test as I know little to NOTHING about roofing! But their class made me pass with flying colors! Highly recommend it!

Evelyn E.

I was not sure about passing since I did not have any roofing knowledge. After taking the class I was confident and passed on my first attempt!
Del is well educated and has great knowledge. I highly recommend Roofing School of Illinois, you will not regret it!

Jasmin A.

I went in not knowing absolutely anything about roofing. I just wanted to get the license for husband so we can extend our business to include roofing. I now know the basics when it comes to roofing, and I just passed the state exam in March. Something I was hesitant about and doubting myself on. I give major props to instructor Del.

Melissa C.

One of the Best instructors, Del Beard, I’ve ever worked with! So Calm Cool and Collectively Positive with His Approach. His Humorous ways make the Class at ease and give confidence at the Same time. Ms D is Awesome. So persistent at seeing u Succeed. I Highly Recommend this Roofing School for any one in the Field.

Dorothy C.

Was skeptical at first about this school and all schools alike. Did a little bit more in depth studying, talking to other contractors and internet search. Decided to go with this school. Took the unlimited class. I failed the residential exam in March of 17. This school was very in depth and was seriously everything you need to pass the test.

Brian S.

Whatever I say about my experience with Roofing School of Illinois won’t be enough. Mr. Del, the teacher is incredible. He is a great teacher and awesome person.
He provides you with must need information to pass the test and there is a lot to learn. He also gives you a feel on what to expect at testing facility, which to me was also very important, how to fill everything out, other tips etc.
 His passing rate is over 95%! Dalia, who probably is going to be your contact when signing up was very easy to work with. Extremely responsive! Betty always made sure that we have everything that we need on daily basis, pens, highlighters, books, coffee and the list goes on.
In my opinion this is a must take preparation course to take prior roofing exam.
This is going to be the best money you ever spend. Invest in yourself.
Go to testing facility with confidence!

Piotr O.

Amazing class! There are over 3,000 pages of books to study and Del was able to condense that to 40+ pages. When taking the exam I was so prepared I flew through the questions. End result was a passed exam on my first attempt with a 93% score!

Andy K.

Great place to learn and great people.

Francsico A.

I went in not knowing a thing about roofing. I came out learning the basics at the least. I passed my state exam thanks to Del! Definitely recommend taking his classes if you are seeking to take the state exam.

Rey H.

Absolutely the best choice I made in order to pass the exam. I passed my first time and going in with little knowledge at all as I am in the office not in the field. Del was a fantastic instructor that broke this course down brilliantly! And Dalia was so hands on and helpful in every way! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Melanie C.

Between the class teacher and the back end staff, I just can’t say enough about how great this course was! Highly recommend! I’ve been roofing for 10 years and my companies have done well over 5,000 roofs. And I actually learned a good amount and this class has and will stay with me for the years to come!!! Take the unlimited class and test first. They will help you pass!


Dalia & Del Rock! After many failed attempts at other schools and lots of money being thrown down the drain, I’m glad my dad found The Roofing School of Illinois. Dalia was so helpful and fast at responding to any of his needs. Del was amazing. Not only was he funny, he covered all topics and made sure to prepare my dad for the test. He passed with a 92% on his first try!! For anyone looking to get licensed for roofing, look no further RSI is the place to be!

Daniel R.

Great and best teacher of Illinois, he goes to the point… there is no way you won’t get your license if you pay attention in class

Leticia Z.